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Masala flavour magic

The story of spice blends

I was a very naughty child. I got into more trouble than you could imagine. As a result, I spent many an afternoon sitting in the kitchen watching my mum folding samosas or blending spice mixtures or simply cooking phenomenal meals for the family.

My mum always simplified the spice blends, in fact if you saw her spice pantry – it was very basic. She’d always say, “It’s not how many spices you use, it’s how you use them”.

With that said I’d like to share her four basic spice blends – typically known as Masalas

Spice Advice

Which spices to use

The correct spice or herb for any food is the one that tastes right for you. When experimenting with a new spice or herb, crush some of it and let it warm in your hand; then sniff and taste it. If it is delicate, you can be bold and adventurous. If it is very strong and pungent, use a light hand the first time that you use it. When you’re at a loss about what to add to a dish, try something from the list on Spice Advice.

BBQ Burger

with Pineapple Chutney and Curried Cream